Back to School Safety – Lookout for Pedestrians at Intersections in Huntsville

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Drivers should always keep a close eye out for pedestrians, but when kids head back to school, it’s especially true. They sometimes walk to and from school or to a nearby restaurant or store after school lets out. The following tips from the Huntsville pedestrian crash attorneys at Charles Pitman Attorneys at Law will help you know how to protect pedestrians as well as yourself:

Look out for pedestrians at all times

Pedestrians can’t always be counted on to cross at designated crosswalks or at intersections, so you’ll need to be aware at all times. This is especially true of kids, who can be more unpredictable and may not always be paying attention.

Slow down around schools and neighborhoods

Most schools have a posted speed limit of 15 mph in a school zone.  Fines are steep for disregarding the law, since speeding around a school is very dangerous behavior. By slowing down, you’ll be able to see pedestrians more easily and be able to stop more quickly. And it also helps to be equally careful in neighborhoods where they might be kids playing.

Be especially vigilant during bad weather

Bad weather can lower visibility, so you should be extra vigilant when you’re driving under these conditions. Make sure you’re driving with your headlights on, pay close attention to what’s ahead of you, and drive slowly enough to be able to stop quickly if you need to.

Don’t block crosswalks

When stopped at a crosswalk, leave enough room so your car doesn’t interfere with the crosswalk. If you’re blocking the crosswalk, you could force pedestrians to go around your vehicle and be put in a dangerous situation.

Watch out for school buses

When you’re behind a school bus, prepare to stop when it does and give kids the space they need to get safely off and on the bus. Passing a school bus can lead to tragic consequences if a child gets off the bus and walks in front of it to cross the road. It’s illegal to pass a school bus that has its “stop” arm out, and in most cases, you must stop for the school bus even if it’s on the other side of the road in Alabama, since children may be crossing the road after they get off the bus. The only exception is if you’re on the opposite side of a divided highway of at least four lanes.

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