Car Accidents & Tire Blowouts: What to Know

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Tire Blowouts

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National Tire Safety Week teaches drivers about the importance of tire maintenance and safety. The other goal is to prevent major issues like tire blowouts. It also serves as a reminder to check your tires, including pressure, tread, and overall condition.

Ensuring your tires are in prime shape helps prevent tire blowouts. Unsafe tires cause a majority of accidents. Most people drive around carelessly. As car accident attorneys in Huntsville, we recommend you take five minutes every month checking your tires. Who knows, it may save your life.

Check Your Tires; Prevent tire blowouts

Many different factors can cause tire blowouts, but the result is the rapid loss of tire pressure.

Blowouts often cause you to lose control of your car and potentially crash. Properly maintaining your tires helps you avoid blowouts. It takes no time to save your life.

Maintenance should include:

  • Checking tire pressure with an appropriate tool.
  • Check that tires for proper inflation at least once a month.
  • Have a service technician check your front end alignment often.
  • Check pressure, even if you have a monitoring system. Tires under-inflated even by as much as half may not appear flat.
  • Rotate your tires around every 5,000 miles to ensure uniform wear.
  • Watch tire tread depth to ensure proper road grip.
  • Look for damage and uneven wear, like smooth spots or high and low areas.
  • Check your spare tire from time to time. Spare tires age even when not used. Visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website for other tips to help you maintain your tires.

Crash Stats

Tire problems increase your risk of a tire-related crash, especially under-inflation and tread wear. A study performed by the NHTSA reinforced the importance of proper tire maintenance. Driving a car or truck with under-inflated tires increases risk of being involved in a tire-related crash by triple. Always check your pressure!

Under-inflated tires handle sluggishly, take longer to stop, stress the tire and cause heat buildup. Combined, this can lead to tire failure, including blowouts.

Most tire-related accidents occur when you drive on worn treads and the likelihood of an accident jumps from 2.4% to 26%, stated a 2012 NHTSA study on tread depth.

Surprisingly, half of all tire-related crashes involve a single auto. Also, 69% of single vehicle accidents were tire related. In total, the NHTSA stated that 9% of all crashes in 2013 were tire-related crashes. Yearly estimates back this data up.

With 11,000 tire-related accidents each year and almost 200 people dying in those crashes, safe driving has never been more important. With proper care, safe driving becomes a breeze and stress disappears.

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