Huntsville Boating Accident Lawyer

Do You Have Injuries From a Boating Accident?

Boating is a wonderful way to have a fun day in the sun, whether you’re out in the ocean fishing or on a beautiful lake water skiing. Most boaters operate their boat safely, obey all the rules and also have the required safety equipment on board. Boating is considered a very safe recreational activity offering a lot of fun, but accidents do happen. These can happen as a result of unexpected bad weather, negligent and/or reckless conduct, and on occasion a defective product leads to a boating accident.

Reach out to Charles G. Pitman Attorneys at Law if you or a family member has been hurt in a boating accident, We specialize in personal injury cases and our Huntsville boating accident lawyer is highly experienced in this area of the law. You need an attorney with a successful track record representing victims of boating accidents to aggressively go after the financial compensation you deserve.

Common Causes of Boating Accidents in Alabama

Boating accident in Alabama not caused by extreme weather usually turn out to be mainly the result of an act of negligence and/or carelessness. Those responsible for risking the lives of others could be an individual person or even groups of people. Businesses of all sizes have also been held responsible for boating accidents causing serious injuries.

Five common causes of boating accidents:

  1. Boat has not undergone properly maintenance, constituting negligence.
  2. Collisions with other boats, docks or other fixed objects and people.
  3. Faulty and/or dangerous parts installed on the boat.
  4. Operating the boat in a dangerous manner, endangering a water skier or tuber.
  5. Operating the boat recklessly due to intoxication from drinking or taking drugs.

Contact a Huntsville Boating Accident Lawyer

Injured in a frightening accident? Your first priority: heal so that you can resume your life as normal. An expert Huntsville boating accident lawyer with Charles G. Pitman Attorneys at law will work on your behalf with the insurance company. So, get the financial compensation you deserve without the worry and stress of handling the claim yourself.

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