Huntsville Burn Injury Lawyers

Suffering From Severe Burns After an Accident?

Have you or a family member been seriously burned in an accident? Unfortunately, about 2.4 million people become severely burned in accidents every year in the United States. What is even sadder is that according to reports, at least half these incidents were preventable.

For this reason it is vital that you speak with an attorney who specializes in personal injury cases as soon as you can after the accident. At Charles G. Pitman Attorney at Law, we have highly experienced Huntsville burn injury lawyers available to consult with you on your case. Knowing the law, we are in a position to determine whether someone else may actually have been responsible for your burn injuries.

Accidental Burn Injuries & You

Burns are the second leading cause of accidental deaths among Americans, just after car accidents. Burn injuries are extremely painful, and this level of pain continues for the duration of the healing process. Victims often undergo considerable reconstructive surgeries followed by lengthy physical therapy. Suffering through all of this, the victim knows very well that they may end up with disfiguring scars and permanently disabled. The catastrophic nature of burn injuries means they are enormously expensive to treat.

Charles G. Pitman Attorneys at Law specializes in personal injury cases and has a very successful record of representing victims. Our Huntsville burn injury lawyers know what it takes to get you the financial compensation you need now and for the future. We will aggressively seek lost wages, medical expenses including rehabilitation, and any other expenses related to your injury.

Accidental burn injuries can happen on the road in an auto, motorcycle or trucking accident. They also occur in residential fires, on construction sites or at the site of an explosion. People can also become severely burned when exposed to extreme heat or dangerous chemicals.

How to Contact Huntsville Burn Injury Lawyers

Severely burned in an accident? Contact Charles G. Pitman Attorney Law to schedule a FREE consultation. We will confidentially discuss the situation surrounding your accident and also expertly evaluate your case. It is very important that you know your legal rights and also, all your available options.

So, contact the highly skilled Huntsville burn injury lawyers to find out the merits of your case. Chat with a live representative now, call (256) 533-5000, and you can also fill out our case evaluation form and submit it online.

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