Huntsville Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Injured as the Result of a Motorcycle Accident?

Riding motorcycles is a favorite hobby and even a lifestyle for some. For many others it’s simply an inexpensive convenient means of transportation. Motorcyclists love the freedom they feel travelling the open road, claiming there’s nothing that compares.

That can all change in an instant when there’s a serious accident. Motorcycle riders are particularly vulnerable, so an accident can cause severe injuries, permanent disability or even be fatal. This is true even if the rider is going at a fairly slow speed. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that motorcyclists are 35 times more apt to be killed in a road accident than drivers or passengers riding in other types of vehicles.

With these statistics, there is no doubt about the dangers posed by riding a motorcycle. Hurt in a motorcycle accident? You need an experienced Huntsville motorcycle accident lawyer on your side. So, call today for legal representation from Charles G. Pitman Attorneys at Law.

Risks Facing Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycle riders have nothing to buffer them in an accident if violently hit and slammed against the pavement. This is why their injuries are likely to be so serious, even if they’re wearing a protective helmet and gear. The range of possible motorcycle injuries runs the gamut from road rash to traumatic brain injuries. These can include spinal cord injuries, broken bones, neck injuries, crush injuries, organ damage, internal injuries and also, amputation. Motorcycle accidents often happen through no fault of the rider.

Motorcyclists encounter many risks on the road that include:

  • Distracted, careless and negligent drivers
  • Drunk drivers
  • Objects impeding the roadway
  • Poor road conditions including potholes
  • Weather conditions

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